As you'll see from these pages, I've developed a design framework to provide designers with areas of concern and a process for the exploration, design and development of playful, interactive, location-dependent experiences (hereafter PILDE).

I am reaching out to you, as a PILDE designer, to ask for your review and opinions of my framework. "Here it is, what do you think?" so to speak.

I am interested in any and all comments that you may have about the framework. I'd be keen to see specific examples from your experience in this space that could help me situate your responses, to better understand the context in which they occurred.

If you have the time and the inclination, I would be interested in following up with you to discuss your experiences in the design of PILDE. And to see whether the use of this framework might have changed your approach to an experience you have developed or intend to develop?

I'd be grateful for any general comments, but if you're one for a little more structure these are specific areas that I am concerned with:

The usability of the framework - from a conceptual and practical point of view.

Practical: how does the presentation & delivery of the framework impact on its usefulness?

Conceptual: are the sections & elements of the framework easy to understand, do they parallel the concerns that you explore within your own work?

How well the framework fits with your current practice.
Having looked over the framework, could you see if fitting in with the way that you currently work?
How well the framework structures the design activity.
Does the framework provide a good/clear/useful structure for approaching the design of PILDE?
How well the framework encapsulates what is important in the design of PILDE.
Does it reflect the key areas for concern when designing & developing this style of experience?
Whether there are elements of the framework that you feel are unnecessary given your experiences in the design of PILDE.
Did anything strike you as irrelevant, unnecessary, bleedingly obvious ..?
And of course, whether there is anything missing in the framework (practically or conceptually) that you feel is fundamental or useful to the design of PILDE.
Is there anything that you have come across in your experiences that should be included here?
Standard catch-all - anything that springs to mind that doesn't 'fit' with the above concerns?

Willing & able to give feedback?
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