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As you will see below, the framework is split into 2 main sections. The foundation - which looks at the issues surrounding the design of such an experience, the broader information gathering process. And the experience-itself.

Each aspect of the framework will feed into, inform & influence other aspects. There is no set sequence or recipe for working with the framework. However, if you would like some suggestions for paths to take - see the framework overview section. Individual aspects will be more relevant for consideration at different times of the process.

This framework is intended as a guide to the things you need to consider when creating an interactive experience that depends on location in some way.

Location-aware: knowing where your participants are at any given time.

Location-specific: designing for/within a given location (building, campus, block, town).

The framework is not intended as a 'do-this, then do-that' list of things to do. It is a 'think about this, think about that' guide that should make life easier for you when tackling this particular design space.

For more background on the framework, terms & definitions, see the overview section.


Setting up a strong foundation is key to any design project. This is even more the case where, as designer, you may have limited control over the environment that you will be working in.

The sections within this aspect of the framework are aimed at highlighting considerations & offering tools for exploring the wider context in which your experience will take place.

For more information about laying the foundations, go to the foundation page. Or use the links below to jump into certain aspects.

framework overview

note the absence of a particular order or path

The Experience Itself

So, now you've laid your foundation. You know as much as is possible for now. What next? Well... designing the thing itself.

The sections within this aspect focus, clarify & build upon what you've discovered in building your foundation - and provide tools for scoping, structuring, designing & planning the experience itself.

For more information about designing the experience itself, go to the experience page. Or use the links below to jump into certain aspects.