The Experience Itself

designing & making the thing

Each section below offers areas for consideration in designing the experience as well as suggesting tools, methods & approaches that you can use to make the most of this process.

As you work through this aspect, you may find yourself needing to revisit parts of the foundation to refine, rediscover, rethink aspects you weren't able to previously.

So, you've laid the foundation, you have a breadth of information around your problem space. Now to design the thing itself! This section deals with the focussing of the information gathered in your foundation, and the realisation of the experience.

The sections within this aspect of the framework deal with bringing your experience to life, the forms it will take; the interactions it will entail, the sequence & timing of these; the tools you'll need to build it, and your participants will need to get involved; and how people will recognise it as being your work.

As with the foundation, there is no set order in which to traverse the sections below.


the backstory

What style of work will this be? And will it entail a narrative to tie the elements together?

Having a higher level theme, or backstory will provide context & structure for the participants. The level of detail here is up to you.

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the bits of the puzzle

Nodes form the individual interactions that will take place between the participant & your experience.

These are the puzzle pieces that will form the overall experience (to be mapped out & sequenced in your trajectory.

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sequencing the experience

The trajectory outlines the sequencing of interactions within the experience - it is the big picture, the plan.

The nuts & bolts behind the magic, the trajectory offers a plan for development & deployment.

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what you'll need to build it, run it

Focusing the resources section of the foundation, this aspect defines the specific tools needed for the experience.

Here you will be able to define what is needed to develop, participate in and orchestrate the experience.

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Public Face

the identity of the experience

This section is all about being recognised.

The public face of your experience will ensure that participants can identify what belongs to your experience.

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