getting to know the 'what & how'

A first pass over what you may be able use that already exists, so you can raise any potential resourcing issues early on.

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Figuring out what is available for your use in deploying and developing your experience will give you a sense of the possibilities and restrictions out there.

At this stage, this is meant as a pass-through of the potential resources and the pros & cons associated with them. Things to look for here:

It's not all about the Device

Think beyond the purely technological devices you might require or have access to.


what do they have?

Participants will come with a set of 'things' that they can use in the experience. What can you reasonably ask them to bring with them?

What base level of resources can you assume participants to have? For example, given the proliferation of mobile phones, it can be assumed that a majority of participants will have access to SMS & mobile network.


what do you have that you can use?

You may have an equipment or resource pool already that you can draw from.

On Location

what exists in the site?

When you visit your site, look around to see what you may be able to use within the site

Find out who owns the resources you'd be interested in using and what need to be done to access them.

An extra consideration here, if you are placing elements into the site:


what new stuff will you use?

If you are creating this experience to explore a new technology or device (or a new way of using it):

Back-end vs Front-end

Resources need to be considered not only from a participatory point-of-view, but also from a development, support & human resources point-of-view.

For example, if you intend to use SMS as the main form of interaction in your experience you will need to have the following:


what is required to participate?

What will your participants need to be able to engage with the experience. Map out or bodystorm the interactions and the possible resources you could use to realise these.

Lowest Common Denominator?

When scoping out resources for participation, consider whether you:


behind the scenes

In addition to exploring resources needed for participation, you will also need to consider what you will need behind-the-scenes for the development & deployment of the experience.