getting to know the 'where'

The level to which you explore the site for your experience will depend on how you intend to use the site.

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The location in which your experience is to be deployed can greatly influence the resources, people & content involved in the design.

When looking for/at a site you should consider:

Finding a Site

If you don't have a particular site in mind, consider what you would want for your experience. Your 'focus' will go some way to helping you decide (and tips for these are below).

But in general, things to consider are:

Focus : Site

You have a particular site in mind.

If you already know where you will be deploying your experience, jump to the next bit for what to do next.

Focus : People

You have your target audience.

If you are creating your experience for a particular audience, find out where they are most likely to visit or common places that you may find them.

Focus : Tech

You would like to use [insert tech here] in your design.

If you intend to use a particular technology/device in your design, the infrastructure requirements of that tech will influence the site that you need to deploy in. Does your technology/device need constant power, good network connection, mobile phone coverage, accurate GPS signal, etc?

I've found a site, what next?

Visit it, visit often!

See how the landscape (people, activities) changes over the span of a day/week (even a month if you have the time). The nature of a site can change dramatically from day to night, weekday to weekend.

If you are unfamiliar with the site, note down your initial observations:

If you are familiar with the site, take a step back and view it with the eyes of a newcomer (or better yet, take someone with you who has never been there before). This is important when designing for audience who may not be familiar with the site. Note down the 'insider' knowledge that you have about the site - hidden access, shortcuts, etc.

Each time you visit, note down anything new in the space, things you hadn't noticed before.


Watch this space!

When you visit, watch the people that are there:


Embrace your inner hoarder & collect: